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Single door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators Pharma-250E-SD
Name: Single door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators Pharma-250E-SD
SKU: Pharma-250E-SD
Equipment : Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Floor model, Single Solid door

Capacity : 300 litres

Temperature range : 2簞C to 8簞C. Preset at 4簞C.

Construction : Powder coated mild steel cabinet

Alarm : High alarm, low alarm, A.C failure alarm

Safety feature : With built-in ELCB

Optional: Chart recorder

Type tested to Electrical Safety Test Standard MS IEC60601-1: Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

Supplied with Electrical Safety Test Certificate (MS IEC60601-1)


System Features

  • The control panel is equipped with a tamper-resistant touchpad and a digital temperature display to the nearest 0.1 degree Centigrade, centralizing all the operating and monitoring functions.
  • The controller enables you to program the temperature settings and alarm set points quickly and easily.
  • During power failure, battery back-up system supplies power to the monitor for at least 24 hours.
  • The audio and visual alarms will be triggered when any of these conditions occurs :
    Over-temperature, under-temperature, A.C failure, battery failure, door opened for more than 2 minutes, compressor failure, or condenser overheated (clean filter).
  • The alarm can be muted with the touchpad. If the fault is still not rectified, the acoustic signal is repeated automatically at every 15 minutes intervals until the cabinet temperature returns to normal.
  • Remote alarm contact provided for off-site monitoring.
  • Non-volatile memory ensures all set values remain intact in case of power failure.
  • Lock-temperature function protects against tampering of set temperatures/values.
  • Off-set function for calibration use. Important for ISO/Calibration requirements.
  • Self-diagnostic functions integrated into the controller ensure rapid identification and correction if a fault does occur.


  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001 : 2008 and EN ISO 13485 : 2003 certified company
  • 3-years warranty on compressor
  • Hi-Low pressure switches for compressor protection and ELCB supplied as standard
  • Hi-alarm, low-alarm, AC-failure alarm, low-battery alarm, door-open and clean-filter alarms
  • Remote alarm contact supplied as standard
  • Type-tested to electrical safety test standard MS IEC 61010-1 : 2006 : safety requirement for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use-Part 1 : General requirements
  • Supplied with electrical safety test certificate (MS IEC 61010-1 : 2006)


Capacity 300 liters
Cabinet construction Powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel cabinet. Mounted on caster wheels with locking screws
Cabinet insulation CFC-free polyurethane, foam-in place insulation
Working temperature range 2簞C to 8簞C. Preset at 4簞C
Control panel Touch-pad icon-based controls and displays for easy operation. Key operated power ON/OFF switch
Alarms Audio and visual alarms with battery back-up system.
Supplied with remote alarm contact as standard. Automatic reset and ring back functions
Alarm conditions High-Alarm, Low-Alarm, A.C Failure, Low Battery, Door Open and Clean filter
Alarm set points Preset at 0簞C for under temperature and 10簞C for over temperature
Safety features Supplied with ELCB and high-low pressure switches as standard
Refrigeration CFC free hermetic-seal type refrigeration with automatic defrosting and condensate removal
Refrigerant 134a
Cooling capacity at 5簞C (BTU/hr) 2000
Air circulations By positive forced-air fan (s)

One fan
Door type Single Solid door

Self-closing, locked in position (90簞), dual-pane heated glass door (s). With fan switch which stops circulation fan(s) when door(s) is (are) opened. Supplied with door lock(s) as standard
Viewing lamp High output fluorescent lighting
Shelf type Rid wire with polyethylene-coated finish. Full length adjustable shelves
No. of shelves supplied 4 units
Shelf dimensions (mm) 480W x 450D x10H
Interior dimensions (mm) 500W x 595D x 1105H
Exterior dimensions (mm) 587W x 720D x 1720H
Weight 95 kg
Power supply 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.9A
Optional items
  • GSM remote alarm system
  • Chart recorder
  • CO2 back up system
  • Extra shelves

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators Ordering Information

Cabinet Material
300 litres
Powder-coated mild steel

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