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Medical Infusion Fluid Warming Cabinet
Name: Medical Infusion Fluid Warming Cabinet

Medical Infusion Fluid Warming Cabinet Model IFW-48

Capacity : Accommodate 48 x 500 ml round bottles

Cabinet construction : Rust-proof stainless steel interior & powder-coated mild steel exterior

Electrical : 220 V, 360 W, 50/60 Hz



The Sahara Medical Infusion Fluid Warming Cabinet offers afe, efficient warming and storage of sterile fluid infusion packs or bottles, injectables, irrigation solutions, anti-pressure pads and gel positioning equipment. The cabinet can also be used for warming towels, bedding materials, bed pans, etc to increase patients' comfort. The warming cabinet will help to assist in the reduction of intra-operative hypothermia.

Application Areas

The warming cabinet is ideal for use in theatre preparation rooms, operation rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care units, renal suites, nurseries, birth rooms, general wards and emergency departments.

Temperature Control

The warming cabinet employs two independent air distribution and heating systems to achieve temperature uniformity in the two drawer compartments. The PID temperature controller ensures set temperature is achieved accurately and rapidly.

Design And Construction

The warming cabinet is constructed of powder-coated mild-steel. All sides of the warming cabinet are double wall insulated by insulation foam to maintain temperature stability. The cabinet is mounted on four castor wheels. Two diagonal wheels can be locked when the cabinet is positioned at duty centre. The cabinet top is a stainless steel bench space with rail guard which can be utilised for stock organisation.

Specifications                                                                                                                                     CE Logo_1.jpg

 Capacity  Accommodate 48 x 500ml round bottles
 Temperature :       
                        Range  Ambient +5oC to 39oC
                        Control  Microprocessor PID auto tuning temperature controller
                        Display  LED display to 0.1oC
 Air circulation  By two units of cross-flow fans
 Safety devices
 Hi-limit temperature cut-off, drawer-open power cut-off switch, high and
 low  temperature alarms
 Heater power 2 x 180 watt heaters
 Housing construction  Double wall foam insulated, powder-coated mild steel cabinet mounted
 on  four castor wheels
 Drawer material and structure  Powder-coated perforated mild steel plate. Full length sliding rail guide
 with stopper. One drawer can be opened each time.
 Internal dimensions of drawers  325W x 520D x 289H mm (each)
 Overall dimensions  470W x 731D x 793H mm
 (Depth includes the dimensions of moving handle and drawer handle)
 Electrical 220 V, 360 W, 50/60 Hz
 Weight               70.6 kg

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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