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Large Capacity Oven FAC-1750
Name: Large Capacity Oven FAC-1750
SKU: FAC-1750

Type : Large Capacity, Double-door

Capacity : 1900 litres

Working Temperature : Ambient +5 to 220簞C

Temperature control : PID controller

Electrical Supply : 415 VAC, 50 Hz, 3phase 4W



  • Microprocessor-PID controller makes it easy to achieve and maintain the exact temperature desired.
  • Temperature can be set easily and accurately with push buttons.
  • LED dual-display screen displays both the set and actual temperatures to 簣1簞C.
  • Back-up system memory protects the set point values in case of power failure.
  • Heavy duty hot air fan ensures long lasting operations.
  • Special-designed air flow system ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber.
  • Adjustable exhaust port ensures optimum performance in various applications.
  • Shielded heating element is vertically mounted to avoid any chance of accidental spills from samples.
  • An independent mechanical over-temperature safety thermostat takes over control of oven if controller or sensor fails. This prevents destruction of samples.
  • Provided with ELCB and fan overload protection for extra safe operation.
  • Constructed of stainless steel interior and powder-coated mild steel exterior.
  • Double-wall design with fibreglass insulation for excellent heat retention.
  • Off-set function for calibration use. Important for ISO/Calibration requirements.


  • General drying
  • Heat treatment of polymers
  • Thermal testing
  • Baking
  • Sterilising
  • Conditioning
  • Firing of coatings

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Type Large Capacity Oven
Capacity 1900 litres
Chamber construction Powder-coated mild steel exterior and full stainless steel interior chamber
Working temperature range Ambient +5 to 220簞C
Temperature control PID controller
Temperature setting and display Digital, display up to 1簞C
Air circulation By hot air fan
Air circulation rate 1000 m3/hr
Fan speed 2600 rpm
Safety device Fan overload protection, ELCB, Independent over-temperature protection
Interior dimensions (mm) 1549W x 1270D x 990H
Exterior dimensions (mm) 1956W x 1450D x 1349H
Heater power 6 kW
Heat up time to 150簞C 18 min
Recovery time (Oven at 150簞C,
door open for 1 min)
4 min
Electrical supply 415 VAC, 50 Hz, 3phase 4 W
  • Timer for heat treatment test (0-999 hours)
  • Audio/visual alarm
  • Shelves

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