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Glass Door Low Temperature (BOD) Incubators DD-1050
Name: Glass Door Low Temperature (BOD) Incubators DD-1050
SKU: DD-1050
Equipment                : Cooled Incubator
Capacity                   : 1050 litres
Temperature range    : 5°C to 60°C
Accuracy                  : ±0.1°C
Safety feature            : Built in ELCB, Hi-limit cut off.



  • Microbiological testing
  • BOD test
  • Tissue culture
  • Milk testing
  • Shelf-life testing
  • Product storage requirement
  • Plant growth / germination studies
      •  All models are designed for BOD determination
      • Microprocessor-PID controller which makes it easy to achieve and maintain the exact temperature desired.
      • Set temperature easily and accurately with push-buttons.
      • LED dual-display screen displays both the set and actual temperatures.
      • Back-up system memory protects the set point values in case of power failure.
      • Off-set function for calibration use. Important for ISO/Calibration requirement.
      • CFC free refrigeration system - environmental friendly.
      • Built-in overload protection for compressor - duration operation.
      • Fully gasketed door with key lock - secure against unauthorized access.
      • Door with fan switch - steps circulation fan when door is open, reduces temperature fluctuation.
      • Double-pane glass door - provides for full-view of test samples.
      • Extra large capacities - Accommodate large sample loads.
      • Manufactured by a factory certified ti ISO 9001 : 2008
      • Type tested to MS IEC 61010-1 : 2006 standard electrical safety test

      Cabinet construction
      Powder-coated mild steel interior and exterior
      Cabinet insulation
      CFC-free polyurethane, foam-in-place insulation
      Temp. working range 5°C to 60°C
      Controller PID controller
      Temp. accuracy ± 0.15°C
      Temp. setting & display Digital display to 0.1°C
      Thermo sensor PT-100W
      Air circulation Aided by circulation fan
      Heater 1600 watt
      Safety devices Over temperature protection, built-in overload protection for compressor, ELCB, high-low pressure switches
      Refrigerator 0.42 HP hermetic seal type
      Defrost With auto defrost and time delay protector
      Refrigerant R134a, CFC free
      Capacity 1050 liters
      Epoxy coated shelves 10 pcs
      Viewing lamp Included
      Chamber dimensions (mm) 1155W x 650D x 1430H
      Overall dimensions    (mm) 1260W x 825D x 2070H
      Power source 240V, 50Hz, 11.4A
      Weight 200 kg

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